Thursday, 8 of December 2016

Tina Zimmer Photographer


TINA ZIMMER - 13 years of work

Tina Zimmer exibitionsCreativity lies wherever it chooses and for fine art photographer Tina Zimmer, that means somewhere between Gothic fantasy and sexual angst of a somewhat biblical nature. It's blatantly obvious that although by day, she appears to be a mild mannered transplanted Arizona native, the deepest, infernal chasm of NY, she surrenders to a symphony of wonderfully orgasmic creativity.

Fine art by Tina Zimmer

Tina's images exhibit a decadent purity, rich enough in color and form content that we could easily view them as dreams...illusions we keep hidden for fear of being ostracized. The photos, many printed on archival silver (her new 'secret' series of photos I was granted the honor of previewing) are haunting yet stimulating. Her eyes lovingly cradle each as a mother would a newborn.

Tina Zimmer Retrospective The genius of this young, fine art photographer is in her acceptance of her passion... the absolute resignation to "shoot through emotion", thus creating a palette of imagery so blissfully unsettling, it must be seen, and studied and appreciated.

No doubt although the raw, intimate juxtaposition of beauty, death and sexuality have an almost primitive nature, her photos are an exploration of modernity. By forcing her audience to 'taste the earth', that which is ancient comes to life in an unbridled presentation of one of the oldest entities we know....the human form.

N. Adrian Adams

2008 --"Retrospective" (13 years of work), solo show at Artland. Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC.

Sept. 2005--"Luscious" Art Exhibition at Mickey's Blue Room. Group show featuring portraits of bad girls, drag queens, androgenous types and hustler boys. Tina included photos from her "Bad Girls" series. East Village, NYC

2005--Tina's "Bad Girls" series. Joint show with Fred Berger (Publisher of Propaganda Magazine) at Mother Flawless Sabrina's art studio, NYC

2004--"Magik" series in "The Gifts of Magi" group art show. Shown at the Silver Whale Gallery in the East Village, NYC

2003--"Magik" series shown at Maxwell's group show in Hoboken, NJ

2003--Group show "Altered" at I Gallery in NYC

2002--Tom of Finland fair, NYC

2001--Group show "Family" at I Gallery in NYC

2001--Tom of Finland fair, Los Angeles, CA

1999--"Uninhibited" series shown at Amaranth Gallery, NYC

1998--"Succubus" series, group show at Le Bar Bat (part of The New York International Film & Video Arts Festival in NYC)

1996--"Uninhibited" series, group show at Rebis Gallery in Denver, Colorado