Thursday, 8 of December 2016

Tina Zimmer Photographer


TINA ZIMMER: only move in one direction...Forward.

I believe your vision emerges from's that spark inside that ignites your imagination.

My artistic evolution began as a child in the desert. Born in 1975 in Tucson, Arizona, to creative and encouraging "hippie" parents, I experimented with watercolor paintings of insects and danced among other children in Native American Powwows.

It was there that I fell in love with my own Hispanic heritage. Painting piñatas, baking buñuelo cookies and dancing to mariachi music -- every time I created something I felt so alive. Chills ran throughout my body. Magical energies would flutter inside me. These feelings encouraged me to continue my creativity and become an artist.

Throughout high school I was involved in art classes, yearbook and the newspaper. I was never without my point-n-shoot cameras and would document friends, family and strangers. I enjoyed capturing people's personas, their emotions. My passion for photography became an addiction. I decided to study at the Colorado Institute of Art.

In Denver I assisted many photographers, produced my own photo shoots and included my fine art work in gallery exhibitions. I was driven to take my passions even further still. After graduation I headed for New York City.

Soon enough I realized how difficult it was to reestablish in a new locale.

Despite the anguish of finding a minimal amount of work, I quickly found bliss again creating new photographic images. My images progressed into something they had not quite been before. They were newly raw. They were empowering.

Remembering my homeland I recall a powerful belief. The Native American people say that you have to acknowledge your past mistakes, joys and angers, and never look back - only move in one direction...Forward.

The child in the desert continues to evolve.

Tina Zimmer - self portrait

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